Women’s Moon Lodge

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Moon Lodge has its roots in earth based cultures where women of the community would gather together in a separate space during their menses and in accordance with the cycles of the moon and earth.  In this context, it was typical for women’s menstrual cycle to be synchronised, ovulating at the full moon and bleeding with the new moon.  In the lodge, women would enter a dreaming space in which they would commune with the spirits and ancestors.  It was believed that women had special access to the other world at this time; the information they received was a direct message from the ancestors for the benefit of the whole community.  The information may have been knowledge of plant-lore, curative guidance, how to best handle a social issue or what was needed for the over-all health of the people and community relations. There may have been a healing song gifted by spirit.  Here the women learned and maintained the wisdom of the ancestors- tradition and knowledge passed from mother to daughter in the initiatory rites of the moon lodge.

Modern culture has largely denigrated women’s bodies, sexuality and menstruation.  This disconnection for the sacredness of the body is reflected in the denigration of the body of the earth.  The feminine mystery traditions and women’s initiation rites of passage has almost been forgotten, but not quite… Fragments of this wisdom tradition still lives as a spark kept alight by the voices of the grandmothers calling from the past.  As modern women we can tap into our feminine heritage and connect with the wisdom of our wombs, a natural birth-rite; a gift of healing connection for the collective well-being.

Something powerful happens when women sit together in an open-hearted circle.  The idea is to create a safe container so that what we hold and carry in our day-to-day lives can be surrendered, trusting that there is something bigger than us at work, and there is.  When we trust that we are held by the ancestors, that the lineage of women’s wisdom, elusive through it is in the modern world, still moves through our dreams and spirit, we remember how to honour the sacred, including the sacred in ourselves.

Ritual, moon lodge, initiation, being witnessed in our community, sharing our gifts and remembering our inter-connectedness with the world soul, earth and cosmos, is so much needed at this time in our human story.  Creating a nature culture of honouring the earth as a sentient being from which we are not separate is necessary for our well-being.  But first we must heal ourselves, becoming as much as possible our authentic, essential selves so that we can take our place in the web of life and bring our unique gift into the world.  Healed people appreciate the value and meaning of the earth creating a culture of reciprocity and respect.  If we are to champion the earth we must first champion ourselves and each other, not in a consumerist, self-gain way, but honouring our sacred humanness and accepting our responsibility to the web of life.  Continued disconnection from the sacredness within ourselves perpetuates a disconnection from the sacredness of the earth.

What you can expect in the Canterbury Moon Lodge

Canterbury Moon Lodge was born in April 2017.  It is held in a beautiful, quiet room in Concorde House Clinic in the centre of Canterbury.  It is always held on the new Moon as this is a powerful time for letting go of the old and birthing the new.  There is no set agenda, the evening is very much directed by the energy that is most alive or wants to be danced with.  We begin with a sharing circle however there is absolutely no pressure to share, you are welcome to just ‘be’ in the circle.  You will be held and supported by the circle of women and the spiritual guidance that is present.   We open to connect with our inner selves through active imagination practices, shamanic journeying and divination. It becomes clear what energy we are working with form early in the evening, this is also determined by the moon and her astrological aspects.  Permission is given to whatever may arise, there is no ‘right way’ of being.  When we realise that we are not separate we also come to see that as women we have a shared story.

I envision the Canterbury Moon Lodge growing form strength to strength, creating a strong crucible in which women can experience mutual support, creative inspiration, spiritual guidance, earth connection and a remembrance of the feminine mysteries.

The cost of participation is £7- this is to cover venue cost.  You are encouraged to bring a blanket and a cushion so that you can be comfortable.  It is also recommended to bring a journal as insights gained from the inner realms can feel quite transient, however as we learn to pay attention to this voice, we can develop a symbolic language.

For dates please see our events calander.

Please feel to contact me to discuss any points, inspirations, needs or concerns.

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