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Kalmkarma Yoga with Natasha Quinn

Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Class Info

I use a yin and yang approach in my yoga sessions and also combine my knowledge and experience of vipassana meditation, Thai massage and energy healing into my teaching style. I include flowing sequences to music, warming of the muscles, improving stamina and flexibility before moving towards holding the poses, releasing connective tissue (fascia), relaxing the cells, encouraging healing and energy flow.

The sequence of postures (asana) vary from week to week, always beginning with a gentle warm-up and variations of sun salutations. The yang masculine characteristic uses vinyasa style, connecting the incoming and outgoing breath synchronized with movement. The yin feminine characteristic involves being in the pose and softening for approximately 3 mins. I intuitively add pranayama-breathing exercises, mudra to enhance energy flow and mantra sacred sound depending on the needs of the group. A guided relaxation/ meditation closes the session.

My own practice has awakened my flare for dance and free flow movement and I often bring elements of this into class as well as shaking the whole body which I have also found extremely beneficial. Shaking energizes the lymphatic system and stimulates the detoxification of all the cells.

Yoga has helped me understand and connect to myself and to the flow of life and nature . With much gratitude I am constantly learning and changing which I then bring to my teaching.

My classes are open to everyone from a complete beginner to someone that has been practicing for years. Special attention is taken into consideration for the level of each individual and modifications can be made.

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